Minelab Explorer SE Pro from Minelab
only $1,495.00
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
only $552.45
Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector
only $679.94
Fisher F75 Metal Detector by First Texas
$1,249.00 $544.00
Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector by Tesoro Metal Detector
only $446.25
Tesoro Deleon Metal Detector from Tesoro Deleon Metal Detector
only $509.15
Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones from Minelab
only $2,499.00

Best Metal Detectors World

Welcome to Best Metal Detectors World! We provide you the best metal detector products at the best prices on the web. Take a look at our categories on the left for the widest range available, and shop online safe in the knowledge that all orders are 100% secure - guaranteed!

We have a wide selection of Metal Detector brands including metal detecting accessories that accompany the primary machine. Additional search-coils for specific types of detecting are important for your treasure hunting success, take a look at our search-coils for the specific brand you desire. For example a 4.5" super sniper coil can be great for searching very trashy areas or around large metal objects and also for sniping bedrock for tiny gold nuggets. 

Do you desire a VLF type detector which transmits a "very low frequency" signal? Or a Pulse Induction detector, which is more like sonar transmission? If you are a coin hunter most likely you will be wanting a VLF type detector, which is most common. Most Relic Hunters use a VLF also for it's ability to use discrimination circuits to discern trash from treasure. A Pulse Induction does not discriminate very well, but will punch deeper in the hot dirt to find those out of reach targets missed by a VLF detector.

For coin hunting you can use a detector from a Garrett Ace 150 all the way up to the more costly Minelab Safari. Both will get you coins but the more expensive machines will punch deeper and gives you more information on it's display about the target you have come across. A lower cost machine will get most items coin size within the top 5" of ground. The more Pro units will successfully detect and identify the targets deeper and more accuratly.

Relic hunters usually use a mid-range to high-end detector which would be from a Garrett Ace 350 an Tesoro Cortez to the high end Fisher F75Minelab Explorer and Garrett GTI 2500. New popular Relic detectors also include the new Garrett AT Pro and a Teknetics Omega 8000. Both of these are very affordable and powerful metal detectors which will get you most of your desired targets without breaking the bank. Some Relic hunters have gone to Pulse Induction detectors such as a Garrett Infinium LS and a Whites TDI to ignore iron infested mineralized ground as well as detecting deeper than the VLF machines.

Take a look around at our detector catogories to find your desired metal detector and it's accompanying accessories. Your payment is procesesed through Amazon's checkout service for secure processing.